The INKAS-Summerbreak-Programme


You are visiting Berlin in summer and your kids don´t want to go to the museums or do sightseeing with you? Well, send them to our fun-packed, action-loaded international holiday-daycamps and we will show your kids the city in our way... You will get them back in the afternoons happy and tired.

Sports, games, animals, art, nature and sightseeing - we have the appropriate activity for each of them. You parents can do the boring stuff, while your kids will have a good time with same aged kids from all over the world. We speak german and english and also spanish and french shouldn´t be a big problem. Even if the children don´t speak any of these languages, we will surely get along, as we know the just-having-fun-language of the kids whereever they come from.

Register today to give your whole family the chance for a pleasant stay in this great city...and who knows if your kids don´t know Berlin even better than you after your stay.

To see the dates and fill out the application go here: www.inkas-berlin/terminplan.html